Youth Olympic Games medalje


Håndlavede projekter


IOC (Den Internationale Olympiske Komité)



Medal competition for The Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer 2016. 'The Winter Youth Olympic Games feature over 1,100 athletes are held over a 10-day period and aim to bring together talented young athletes aged from 15 to 18 from around the world (over 70 National Olympic Committees compete in the Winter Youth Olympic Games, and over 200 in the Summer edition). The host city of the second Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held in Lillehammer, Norway between 12-21 February 2016.'


Title: Always victorious Medal made of glass and metal. The ribbon has a new twist: it is folded and bound inside the medal – which creates two unique sides of the medal. It symbolizes numerous things; an A and a V standing for the title ‘Always Victorious’ – it also represents the ties of friendship across the world where cultures effortless merge together – united by the passion for sport. The folded ribbon also reminiscent a part of the norwegian culturel history with their tradition for needlework and craftsmanship. (The ribbon is wide at the top and has a ‘normal’ size - it only becomes narrow when it is folded in half).


The mix of glass and metal gives the medal both a lightness – as a contrast to the dark blue ribbon – as well as it highlights the folded ribbon. The pieces symbolizes the warm olympic fire on top and the crystals, frost and ice of winter underneath. All though it at first glance may seem complex and time consuming to tie the ribbon – it is actually easy to do – thanks to the predefined holes in the metal. The ribbon may also have an additionel thin red and white line – to symbolize the norwegian flag in a subtle way – or there could be glittering metal tread wowen into the fabric to soften the dark blue color of the ribbon. The back of the medal contains many options for text placement, elements of Norwegian culture and their emblem. To go your own way within the rules of the game – to stand out and give your individuel twist to an old elite sporting event – for me this is the main spirit of the Youth Olympic Games. The medal is created in the spirit of this.